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Physical Therapy

Do you suffer from pain that traditional physical therapy has not been able to treat? Have you had pain that doctors can't explain and have just recommended a "bandaid" approach of treatment with orthotics, medication, or corticosteroid shots? If so, this is where you should be.


Dr. Richards tailors her physical therapy session to meet the individual’s needs and help her patients get back to their regular routines and what they love. She takes time not only performing musculoskeletal and neurologic examination, but also listens to her patients needs and lifestyle. 


Through her years of practice as a physical therapist she has found limitations in the clinical setting for some individuals that either desire a more intimate setting or may just need extra time and attention. Dr. Richards started her out-of-network care to be able to spend more one-on-one time meeting her patients needs and allowing for a more personalized care that enabling her to treat her patients as a whole person, without dictations of the insurance companies. 


Dr. Richards mainly offers her services at The Radcliffe Studio, but also can see patients at their home or via Telehealth for the evaluation and treatments. 

As a runner, hiker, yoga enthusiast, and adventure seeker, Dr. Richards understands the desire that patients have to return to their activities – and to their regular routines – after injuries. Working with patients and their individual needs, styles, and comfort levels, Dr. Richards helps them get there.

Out-of-Network Physical Therapy

Why cash-based PT?


The advantage of cash-based PT is that Dr. Richards is able to provide 100% attention to her patients, without being dictated by the demands of the insurance companies and a busy clinic. This means that patient-centered and customized care is the number one priority. As her patient, you will received compassionate, straight forward, and skilled care. You and Dr. Richards can discuss a treatment plan that works for your body and for your budget. Through strictly focussed care your time is optimized. Though she cannot speed up the injury process, she can maximize recovery time by empowering the patient to understand their body's impairments and what is needed to stop the injury process and promote the healing process.  

I have insurance, do I get some money back?

The main difference with Out-of-Network vs. In-Network coverage is the patient submits their own claim to their insurance company. Dr. Richards has a set rate for her patients that is paid upfront. After her sessions she provides the patient with an invoice that they submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. The invoice has all of my pertinent business information (contact information, tax ID, etc.) as well as the patient’s ICD-10 code and the CPT codes billed for the session. The invoice contains a statement that the patient has paid in full for the visit and that reimbursement should go directly to the patient. Insurance companies reimburse patients according to their out-of-network benefits, which varies widely from one company to another.

I have insurance, why pay extra? I don't know if I can spend the extra money. 

Dr. Richards never wants finances to be an issue for her patients. She recognizes that people have varying levels of budgets. What she has found is that many times her services can be offered at less frequency than in-network physical therapy. This is because much of the healing process comes from the individuals understanding and proactivity with home exercises and recognition of their body. Therefore by spacing out treatments it empowers patients to take control of their body. This also sometimes lowers the cost to equal that of an in-network coverage, where you may have higher frequency of services with a co-pay. If you have a will and desire to get better, Dr. Richards wants to work with you and if cost is a concern, she wants to know so she can work with your financial concerns.

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