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Small Groups

Get your group of friends together for small group lessons. Have fun and relax! Jackie will meet your needs and cater to the groups wishes. She will offer a full 60 minute class at either a destination of your choosing or in the yoga studio. $30 extra travel fee is added to an off site class. Have a fun girls night out or pre-wedding zen retreat! Or if you and your friends have goals, set up a series of classes that will be specifically aimed for your group. 

Jackie specializes in helping the body build strength, balance, and flexibility. Typical programs are 4-8 weeks in length. Some specific areas that she has helped people with are: ​

  • Yoga basics: learn principle yoga poses safely 

  • Core strength series

  • Upper body strength to improve your Chataranga Dandasana

  • Breath training; learn how breathing can help with strength, balance, flexibility, and stress

  • Relaxation series; learn techniques to de-stress

Whatever your goals are, Jackie is happy to tailor the practice to meet your needs. If you have any particular requests please let me know. I look forward to working with you and your friends.


  • 2-3 students: $45 per student

  • 4-5 students: $30 per student

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