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Why do Yoga?

There are many aspects to the human body that contribute to health and wellness. Yoga incorporates all 12 systems of the human body to find a balanced state called homeostasis. Through learning asanas (poses), pranayamas (breathing techniques), and meditation you will adapt a heightened sense of self and well being.

Yoga is a practice. Patience and persistence are the keys to unlocking your inner potential. The body needs time to break through restrictions that it has created through unconscious or conscious movements or injury. The typical healing process takes 6 weeks to 3 months to fully gain flexibility, strength and balance. Therefore, in private and small group classes, Jackie sets up programs specific to your body's needs.  

Jackie's main focus is alignment based. It is very important for each person to venture into THEIR practice safely. Part of that involves learning to listen to your body to optimize the asanas and prevent injury. She typically uses a vinyasa flow, but also incorporates aspects of hatha, iyengar, restorative, and gentle practices into her routines. In each class there is an aspect of centering, standing poses, balance poses, forward and backward bending poses, inversions, rotational poses, and respiratory training.

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